(von Jeannie)

Life carries on

Go around the corner,
Take a look around.
Don’t be scared at what you see,
Just try to carry on.

Go to the bottom of the hill
and start to climb.
Be brave and bold and come out of your hole,
nobody is going to hurt you
and nobody is going to let you down.

Carry on walking
you’ll get there soon.
The peak is just ahead.
What’s wrong, what’s happening?
Why can’t I get there?
Why can’t I breathe?
Why can’t I climb the rest of the way like I started?
Thoughts, thoughts, thoughts
driving me mad!
Where have I gone?
Where is my face?
Where is the respect for myself?
Where is my courage?
Where am I?

I’m going back into my safe, warm, protecting shelter.
A little shelter I once built
to help me to survive and to protect myself.
Come on, come on out of there.
Nobody will hurt you.

I can’t come out
there’s too much hurt.
Too much harm,
too much noise
too much violence.
Death, death death!

It hurts, it always hurts.
I can’t take it any longer.
The violence, the anguish,
the uncertainty, the screaming, the hell of it all.
Where are you all? Why is nobody here to help?
Where has my life gone?

Why did you do it and pretend everything was fine?
Why did you bully us?
Why did you hurt us?
Why did you throw us across our rooms?
Why did you ignore us?
Why did you treat us like dirt?
Why did you always lose control?
Why did you never think of later?
Why did you never think of us?
I only ever wanted to be loved.

Come on, climb up this hill.
You haven’t got far to go.
Don’t stop before you get to the top.
Carry on walking and ignore the paths,
which want to take you elsewhere.
You’ll make it if you try.
Look at what you left behind and let go.
Don’t carry on holding on to
things which will only hurt you.

Stop looking for things which used to be there.

Look into the future.
Look into the faces of people who love you
who respect you and who need you.
You don’t need to be constanly reassured.
Today you are loved for who you are and not for who you were.

Carry on walking and ignore the thoughts inside your head.
Don’t listen and keep your head up high.
They only want to carry on hurting you, to demoralise you,
make you hate yourself, so others can’t love you.
It doesn’t work though, because your friends still love you.
Only you can’t love yourself.

Come on you’ve nearly made it.
The past doesn’t count any more.
Come out of your shelter
and feel the sunshine on your skin.
The pure air, the flowers around you,
the world as it really is
and not the world that was there so many years ago.
Life is worth living.
Let go and climb to the top of the hill.
Take a look at what you’ve achieved!

Written by Jeannie